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I first got into multihulls as a child growing up in Zamboanga, Phillippines, where we sailed and skindived off of double outrigger sailing canoes (vintas) built of mahogany, rattan, and bamboo. An fisherman named Tajani built a special "racing" version in our front yard one season, with a lightweight tarred rattan hull upper section. the sails looked something like this. Unfortunately, just like an immaculately finished dingy i built some years later, it proved too attractive to a thieverish eye and disappeared off the beach shortly after launching, never to return. (i built another bolger dinghy just like it, and had my six year old daughter go after it with a spray can and instructions to paint our phone number large. Later on i built another bolger boat, an AS39 named Wizard)

Several (quite a few) years later i started sailing hobie cats, wearing out several, and while getting a degree in computer science at new college, ran the (very small) sailing program there for a while, and somehow managed to build a 7-meter Wharram cat for myself in my spare time. That led to a number of projects including the aforementioned bolger, cabins for a 40' cat, a full refinish on a 1926 S-boat, and a general gutting and refit of a Lagoon 47 for circumnavigation. An affinity for wood has led me to an appreciation especially of Kurt Hughes and Chris White's multihull designs. However, building in structural foam is getting easier and cheaper, and we will be using more of it.

Which, in a nutshell, brings us to the current project, a lightweight kurt hughes 32' power cat. Kurt Hughes page for this boat is here with a slightly fanciful artists conception.

Along with myself i have the honor of working with some exceptionally skilled associates. Jerry Tiller has been on the project since day one, followed shortly after by Jim Mcpherson. Joe Smith, from Rhodesia by way of California, who has far more boat building experience than I, lent a hand and got us through some critical spots, especially the fancy opening windows on the front of the cockpit. They are dry by the way ;). Richard Baird, rigger extraordinaire, helped immensely during the last month of pushing out the door. He even managed to remove and replace an engine mount that i had mismeasured and stuck on with about two square feet of 4200. An impossible job, done well.

Kurt Hughes site is at
I highly recommend his study plan book, it's an education in good multihull design.

here is a cool boat, a shuttleworth cheetah at


Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us for a project you have in mind. Email us at


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