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We build and repair multihull boats
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Some of my favorite designs:

chris white's atlantic 48, the gunboat 34, the wharram 63, and a kurt hughes 36 (actually built out to 39, i've been on that boat several time and there are more detailed pictures of it here.

Here are some links to other multihull projects and boatbuilders, suppliers, and information. 

Pictures of Yves Parlier's new hydroplaning cat being launched have been posted to his website at - this is a stepped planing hull design which looks a lot like seaplane floats. Parlier says this will open up the speed range of 40-60 knots for sailing catamarans. Whew! - Henny van Oortmarssen building an F-39 with resin infusion techniques - an amazing set of pictures of his resin infusion of an entire deck part.  - the catamaran company in fort lauderdale -  the general boatbuilding community - monos and multis - a kurt hughes 48' daycharter boat being constructed in houston- good links for vacuum and infusion supplies

Jeff Turner is doing a good job of gathering together information on Cross trimarans and his link is:

John Shuttleworth has a rather complete design page up for a 50' fast cat with lots of technical details.

and a big list of designers:

Robert Taylor
Antrim Designs
ASEA Yacht Designs
Bob Oram Design
Chris White Designs
Contour Yachts
Converter Yachts
Crowther Design
Dick Newick
Dudley Dix Yacht Design
Glacier Bay Catamarans
Grainger Designs
Rob Denney
Catamarans New Zealand
Cat Factory
James Wharram Designs
Jarcat Catamaran Design
John Shuttleworth Designs Ltd
Jones Boats
Kellsall Catamarans
Kendrick Design
Kismet Multihull Design
Kurt Hughes Sailing Designs
Lavranos Marine Design
Peter Kerr Design
Maine Cat 30
Malcolm Tennant Multihull Design Ltd
Mike Waller Yacht Design
Morelli and Melvin
Bernard Smith
Multihull Design Centre
Murray Isles' Designs
Ron Given Design
Running Tide Yachts
Schionning Designs
Schacht Design
Searunner Multihulls
Shell Boats
Simonis Voogd Design
Peter Snell's Easy
Firebird Catamaran
Tim Clissold Design
Tom Speer
TRT Multihulls
Warren Multihull Designs
Windrush Catamarans
Woods Designs
World Class Catamarans
K Designs

new zealand multihull photos -

and a big bolger catamaran:

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